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School Outreach Service

Our collaboration with schools

The London Learning Centre recognises the importance of collaborating with schools and understands that the needs of the student and the school may differ.

The Team

Our multidisciplinary team sees the value and worth of an integrated approach to learning and work closely with schools and teachers to incorporate their learning goals with those the child has in school.

The Centre provides a range of services to schools including:

Classroom Observation

Providing screening and classroom observation of any student that teaching staff may have concerns about and providing full formal assessments as necessary.



Providing reports with recommendations and setting up individual learning plans.

Running Programmes

Designing, demonstrating and running programmes for children including individual or small group speech and language therapy with suitable staff training.



Liaising with and resourcing teaching staff and parents regarding assessment findings, targets and recommended strategies.


Advice and Guidance

Providing advice, input and guidance on managing the needs of children facing challenges in accessing the curriculum and making and maintaining positive social relationships.

Early Years Framework

Providing an early years framework that will support teachers with assessment, monitoring progress and activity plans.

Therapists can visit schools on a regular on-going weekly basis and provide specialist individual support to children and/or group learning as well as specialist accredited staff training when the need arises.

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