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Learning Support

At the London Learning Centre, we are dedicated to maximizing every child’s learning potential based on their unique learning style, strengths and needs.

Every Child Is Different

Some children find certain areas of the curriculum more difficult than others and over time can struggle to keep up in certain subjects.

For parents it can be equally difficult to know the best interventions in order to facilitate your child’s learning.

Bespoke Programmes

At LLC our goal is to establish a bespoke programme of teaching for each and every child that is carefully designed after a detailed assessment and observation and with the best practice and evidence base in mind.

We acknowledge that each child has specific learning needs, and furthermore, each child learns in a specific way.

The learning support team at the Centre is highly trained in identifying the educational needs of each child and developing individualized educational programmes that will help each child overcome the difficulties they may be experiencing within the curriculum and school environment.

Our learning support team can help children who may have difficulties with:




Attention and Listening






Story telling and narrative


Processing difficulties

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