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Language and Learning Groups

LLC runs a range of language and learning groups as follows:

Early Intervention Nursery Group: (2-4 year olds)

These 90 minute sessions will provide a communication rich environment for  children with early sensory processing and/or communication needs to enhance and promote joint attention, pre-verbal communication, symbolic play, social interaction and early language skills.

Seeing Stars Spellers: (5-7 year olds)

This group will develop the visual recall skills required for successful spelling, leading to increased confidence and competence in written expression.

Reading Success: (6-8 year olds)

This group will enhance students’ reading skills, building confidence and competence in order to promote early academic achievement.

Explain, Predict, Imagine: (6-8 year olds)

This group will develop students’ auditory processing and retention of information, verbal reasoning and expressive language skills, enhancing everyday communication and curriculum engagement.

Explain, Relate, Create: (9-11 year olds)

This group will target students’ higher order language skills, including predicting, hypothesising, visualising, explaining, inferencing, and comparing/contrasting, to promote academic success.

Achieving your Ambitions: (10-14 year olds)

This group will promote and enhance members’ study skills, interview technique, independence, assertiveness, debating and discussion skills and overall self-confidence, leading to increased academic success and personal goal attainment.

Retrieve, Organise, Narrate: (12-14 year olds)

This group will enhance communication and academic achievement by targeting students’ skills in visualisation, verbal reasoning, inferencing, narrative planning and creative-writing.

Lego Club: (8-11 year olds; 12-14 year olds)

This evidence-based programme allows for the systematic learning of social skills while children are having fun. Children will learn independent and co-operative play skills through enhanced verbal and non-verbal communication, joint attention, task-focus, sharing, turn-taking, collaborative problem-solving and social interaction.

Pre- Literacy group (age 3.5-4.5 years)

Small fun interactive group sessions that develop your child’s early literacy, phonological awareness, and fine motor skills.

Early Literacy Group (age 4.5-5.5 years)

Maximize literacy potential in a fun interactive group with a focus on reading accuracy, rate, comprehension and engagement in written text.

Chatterbooks (age 5.5-7.5 years)

A focus on reading accuracy, rate, comprehension, and engagement in written text.We incorporate narrative development which forms the basis for creative writing.

Learning enhancement group (age 7.5-9.5 years)

Focuses on building confidence in the planning, organization, and presentation of ideas through debating and creative writing. We also encourage the development of techniques to support the processing of complex text.

Betweenagers (age 9.5-14 years)

Building confidence in the presentation of ideas through public speaking and debating. We also practice techniques to support the processing of more complex text, picking up non-literal and figurative language meaning.

Handwriting group (all ages)

With a focus on the skills that underpin handwriting such as fine motor and visual perception, we incorporate fun activities such as cutting, beading, and lacing to encourage hand dexterity, hand strength, and hand-eye coordination.

Social group

This group focuses on developing social skills, self-esteem and friendship skills with fun interactive sessions including role plays, Lego groups, and social events. Specific life skills are targeted in line with each client group.

To secure your place in any of the above groups, or to find out more information, please email us at: info@llc.org.in

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